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Tuesday with Tamika

Welcome to My Blog! Let's get to the healing

Tamika Thomas is a certified Inner Healing Coach. She believes God has called her to be the bridge over troubled waters assisting women transition. Her belief is God wants all women to HEAL, ELEVATE, and becoming RESTORED. Tamika has spoken at several universities, women empowerment organizations, schools, and churches. She is dedicated to showing others how they can turn their trials into treasures so they can move forward. Tamika Thomas is the founder and CEO of Tuesday Healing with Tamika podcast, BECOMING Fearlessly H.E.R University, and the RESTORED community all which focus on showing others how to live a life to inspire and not impress. Through her products and services Tamika partners with her clients and readers, navigating them through life challenges so they can BECOME fearlessly H.E.R. Tamika is a six-time author, mentor to many, but her most notable accomplishments is being a wife to her husband and a mother to her eight children.

Becoming Fearlessly H.E.R

As you journey with me on this blog you will learn how to become fearless H.E.R (healed, elevated, and restored) With the help of the holy spirt with will revel so we can heal. Elevate our mindset, money, and start to move our bodies. And lastly, we slowly but surely become fully restored according to Joel 2:25.

Can't wait to serve you

It is one of my core beliefs to live a life to inspire and not impress. I look froward to inspire you with practical steps you can take to become fearlessly H.E.R. Remember baby steps count.

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