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Image by Joanna Kosinska

Ceo of Tuesday with Tamika 

Certified Inner Healing Coach 

From Crutches to stairs is not just the name of my first book but it is my life. Today I am a transparent author, certified forward living coach, inspirational speaker, and mentor to many. I strive to live a life authentically with open-heart showing love to everybody that crosses my path.  But it was also like this, as a young child I was sexually and physically abused.

My mother became addicted to drugs going in and out of prison, which caused me to turn to unhealthy relationships. The breaking point was two unsuccessful marriages, a suicide attempt and so much stress that caused me to have a STROKE. In 2015 I made the leap of faith to no longer use my life's hurts and tragedy's as crutches to cripple me, but instead use them as stairs to get me to the next level. I knew it all had a purpose. I just had to find the purpose in my pain. 


Today I live my  life to empower. I believe that God has called me to be a bridge over troubled water helping to connect others to their power source. Through my products and services  I am dedicated and determined to show others how they too can turn their trials into treasures.

Talk Soon,


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