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Booked, Busy And Boo'ed Up

A 3-Day Virtual Event for Busy Professional Christian Women Ready for Love  

In Our 3-Day Virtual Event you will learn how to balance family and business. You will learn how to attract a man ready for marriage, and we will set up your dating profile to position you to be FOUND.   


17th, 18th, 19th

5pm-7pm PST

Day 1 Booked and Busy 

What you can expect from Day #1

  • Learn the Proverbs 31 model that successful Christian women use every day to

  • How attract the man you pray about even if you are already a BOSS BABE

  • How to develop the perfect blend for blended families 

 Day 2 Boundaries and the Bag 

What you can expect from Day #2

  • Single momma's how to balance your babies and the opinion of your baby's father

  • Why you must STOP listening to your single friends 

  • How to pursue your dreams and date the man of your dreams  

  • Why boundaries need to become your middle name

Day 3 Boo'ed up 

What you can expect to learn in Day #3

  • Learn how you're not too old, too busy, or too late to attract your future husband 

  • Identify why you keep attracting emotionally unavailable men. 

  • Finally, we will learn what a man really is looking for in a wife

  • Bonus: I will help you create your dating profile during the training 


I deliver PURE strategy and leave out the "Hype" and common sense stuff you already know.


I create an environment for you to LEARN. 


I will give you POWERFUL tools and materials that you can take home and keep for your reference!


At my events, I focus on content that will bring you REAL RESULTS!


Hey sis, I have been preparing for you for sometime now.  Let me tell you a little bit more about me. I am an empowering woman of influence. I am a transparent author, pod-caster, life and relationship coach, and inspirational speaker.

My degree in human services and over 10 years working in the mental health field has prepared me for such a time as this. My natural knowledge and my spiritual gifts combined help women MEND RELATIONSHIPS, HEAL FROM THE PAST, and BOUNCE BACK after their biggest setbacks.

God has called me to be the bridge over troubled waters. I'm here to help women become fully RESTORED. I have turned my  trials into treasures. I'm going  to help you do the same. I truly live a life to inspire and not impress. ​

LET'S GO!!!!!

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 Tamika has been my "Bridge over Troubled Waters". She helped me face my past and release hurt, pain, and people, whose abuse no longer served my purpose. With the tools Tamika gave me I was able break chains that had me bound so I can be open to my healing. 

– Latasha 


When I met Tamika, I was in a dark place. The second I talked to her she asked "how are you" I instantly broke down, but she made me feel comfortable in my brokenness. She was a huge part of me walking out the worst relationship I had ever been in. Because of her support I gained a closer relationship with God and attracted a beautiful relationship with my now boyfriend. 


Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 9.49.17 AM.png

Tamika has guided me through a process that helps me gain clarity on the root causes of my past traumas. She helped me learn how to process my emotions from the hurt and pains that had me have uncontrollable anxiety attacks. Since completing the program I haven't had my antidepressants meds and I am free from the residue of hurt and pain. I am know able to identify red flags in men and i trust myself to walk away when someone isn't right for me. The greatest gift was complete healing. 

– Ashly  | Copyright ©2023 | All Rights Reserved

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