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Get This Offer For Only $97 (Value $497)

Booked, Busy Boo'ed Up VIP Access 

VIP members can access additional classes, lessons, and materials not available to regular members.

VIP members can submit their dating profiles for feedback

1 hour extra teaching after general session 

21 day Gratitude audio journal and B3 workbook 

Total Value: $497

Today's Price: $97


When You Add This To Your Order Today, You'll Receive

21 DAY Gratitude Journey.png
 21-day Gratitude Journal. With this bonus, you will receive an audio guide to help you stay focused on your gratitude goals. This audio guide will provide you with tips, advice, and guidance to ensure you maximize the benefits of your gratitude practice. With our audio bonus, you can truly make the most of the 21-day Gratitude Journal and reap the rewards of a more positive outlook.
Dear Future King .png
As a Relationship Coach, I'm excited to introduce you to the Dear Future Husband Affirmation Journal. This digital journal is designed to help you manifest the relationship of your dreams by focusing on the positive aspects of your future husband. Through daily affirmations, you can create a daily practice to help you believe in the power of manifesting a healthy, loving relationship. This journal will provide you with the tools to create a positive vision for your future and manifest it into reality. With the help of this digital journal, you will be able to create a strong, positive connection to your future husband and manifest the relationship of your dreams.
 With  VIP upgrade you get a bonus coaching session. coach Tamika uses a unique approach, I focus on the whole you to help you create a healthy and fulfilling dating life.My sessions are designed to address the mental, emotional and physical aspects of your dating life. I provide personalized attention and guidance to help you create an authentic, confident and attractive dating profile. With the VIP upgrade, I also offer a bonus 1-1 coaching session to help you make the most of your dating profile. Join me today and find the love you've been looking for.
B3 is an ebook designed to help you become your best self. The workbook equips you with the tools to become Booked, Busy, and Boo’ed up by utilizing the Proverbs 31 model.This ebook is designed to help you realize your true potential and improve your life by introducing you to a variety of activities and exercises. If you’re looking to get out of a rut,  B3 is the perfect guide. Download the ebook today and get ready to take your life to the next level.

Get This Offer For Only $97 (Value $497)

Total Value: $497

No Where Else You Can Get This Much Value For Only $97!

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